Small reunion and earthquake in Kumamoto

Last night, I had a small reunion dinner with couple of old friends.
One of them, I saw him for the first time after high school graduation.

During the dinner time, we noticed big earthquake occurred in Kumamoto.
Our school is located in Kyusyu and many friends live in Kumamoto now.

Though I sent a message to a friend who lives in Kumamoto, there is no reply at this point.
It seems not to be in a severe condition compared with 3.11 earthquake in Tohoku.
I believe he is OK.

Every time I come across this kind of disaster, I keenly feel my powerless.
Be more sensible, be cooler, get in action quickly when we are in trouble.

Should pay more attention to what to talk when I am drunk

In these days, the frequency I felt embarrassment in the morning after drinking is growing.
Yeah, when I am drunk, I feel happy and tend to talk about unnecessary matters as well.
The problem is, I can’t control myself after I am drunk.

Silence is golden.
I should talk myself more strongly about it.

What can I do for a friend suffering from a illness

Last week, a female friend of mine suddenly felt dizzy and called an ambulance.
She was diagnosed as sudden hearing loss.

Today she left a hospital, but symptoms of hearing loss still stay and she can’t talk for a long period of time.
She seems to be absent from work for a while.

It makes me anxious, but what can I do for her.
I can text her and cheer her up at the least.

BTW, I still have something lying in my stomach, due to excessive wine drinking 2 days ago.

The reason why the works of Miyuki Miyabe are fabulous

Recently I read 2 long crime novels. One by Miyuki Miyabe, the other by Asa Nonami, both written in Japanese.

The difference is not a little.
Both outlines are good. But the way to express and the quality of short stories that shape the whole story are totally different. What Miyabe’s characters talk and think contain some truths that intrigued me. This made me feel her work was excellent.

Probably, more than plot itself, this kind of thing is important as a top-ranked author, I think.

Annoying left ankle pain

Late for leaving home though I got up early. Wanna be an organized thinking, organized oriented man.

Ran out of medicine for hay fever. But can’t go by a drug store due to ankle pain. Price of kicking up my heels on last Sunday is high.

First thing in the morning is heading for Kasai for an appointment. Heavier rain outside than I had expected. Tried to take taxi but missed. In the end, walked to the station. Rain soaked leather shoes made me feel discomfort.